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The Virtual CFO Model

We at Singhi Chugh & Kumar realize the need of international investors to establish control over their business and operations in India. Establishing a sound control involves a lot of time and energy as well as an in-depth knowledge of the law of the land and the general business practices followed in the country.

Our solution for international investors is the virtual CFO model.

We invite businesses to enter and experience the vast, dynamic, diverse and rapidly expanding market called India. With a population exceeding 1.2 Billion people and high diversity, the country has an attractive market for everything. We understand that setting up a business in India requires a high volume of regulatory paperwork and going through a complex structure of statutory compliances which is discouraging many international businesses from testing Indian waters.

That is why we have developed the Virtual CFO Model which is a One-Stop Solution for all your company back-office requirements at the setting up and initial phases. Key Features of the model include

  • Designed as a Plug & Play Model
  • Assisting in Setting Up
  • Identification of Partners
  • Legal Compliances
  • Assurance, audits & certifications
  • Book-keeping & accounting
  • Seamless migration of teams
  • Continued support after migration