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Auditing & Assurance

We’ve got all your Audit & Assurance needs covered.

Singhi Chugh & Kumar offers a full range of audit and accounting services to its clients. Reporting to our clients on financial information in an effective and accurate manner is a commitment that we feel cannot be compromised. We view our role in the financial reporting process as an opportunity to provide constructive solutions for maximizing your company’s profitability and efficiency.

Audit is the bread and butter work of accounting. Audit and Accounting services from Singhi Chugh & Kumar can help you get a handle on where your business has been, where it is today, and where it is going. We offer a variety of services, based on your needs that can give you confidence in “the numbers” of your business.auditing-assurance

Statutory Audits
Independent auditors perform a valuable role of being the trusted intermediary between businesses and users of financial statements. We understand the higher demand for transparency in financial statements desired by various stakeholders especially after the recent financial crises and scandals being unearthed. We are reacting by being more proactive, transforming how we operate and gauging a better understanding of the demands of various users of financial statements. Our core values include acknowledging the responsibility we have towards the society, capital markets and independent investors as auditors. This is why we adopt innovative techniques and in-depth analyses in all our audit functions to provide the desired transparency to the users of financial statement and a greater insight to the managers of a business.

Management Audits
The recent amendments in the law and the changing attitude of the management of businesses have resulted in a greater desire to ensure propriety of operations and transactions handled by an entity. We offer our clients a range of audit & assurance functions designed specifically for each assignment based on the current environment in which the business functions for placing a greater reliability on the propriety element of the business. We bring together members of our team with expertise in various areas of business to design an audit program and develop audit tools and techniques for ensuring a high degree of assurance and a comprehensive audit and analyses of information to extract the result desired by the client.

Internal Audits
Our vast experience in the field allows us to push the envelope in conducting internal audits. We are not shy of venturing out of the audit program if we feel there is a need to do so based on the facts observed while conducting the audit. We also understand that the management of an entity comprises of individuals from different areas, education and background. The need for internal audit reports to be clear, transparent, comprehensive and illustrative is well understood by us. We use the knowledge gained by us through internal audits conducted across various industries to present a better insight to the management.

Intra- Mural Compliance Reviews
The vast and complex regulatory and tax framework of the country means that compliance has to be done at the transactional level. This coupled with the increasingly dynamic nature of business transactions carried out by organizations means that a control procedure needs to be implemented to place better reliability on compliance by such organizations. Intra-mural compliance reviews are dedicated reviews conducted by an independent team of members with knowledge and expertise of that specific field to verify compliance with law at the transactional level and to provide insight for improvement of the internal process for ensuring compliance.

Special Investigative Audits
With the recent financial crises and scandals coming to light, large organizations have become increasingly weary of the authenticity of transactions recorded in the financial and non-financial records. Possibility of untraceable transactions in cash and complexity of recorded transactions contribute to the vulnerability of internal control systems. Special investigative audits conducted by us are focused on a specified area of operations. We go beyond the recorded transactional data to filter out facts to achieve the desired results for our clients.

ICS Audits – Audit of Internal Control Systems
Our knowledge of business processes from conducting audits around various industries as well as firsthand experience in handling offshore accounting and outsource projects allows us to conduct an effective & comprehensive audit of internal systems using innovative audit techniques in order to identify loop-holes and leakages in the internal control system in an efficient manner.

Concurrent Audits

We understand that there are certain inherent pain areas for every industry on which a greater level of control needs to be exercised proactively. For this very purpose we offer our clients concurrent audits in which transactions are audited on the basis of a pre-determined checklist to provide greater assurance to our clients and maintained the required audit trail. The checklists are combined with monthly MIS reports which provide a better insight of the process to our clients. The check-lists are regularly updated on the basis of MIS reports discussed with the clients in order to ensure that the audits and the internal control systems remain updated.