Compliance Calendar

Forms/ ComplianceSummary
Form CSR-1Registration of entities established by Co. for CSR Activities w.e.f. 01-04-21
Form ECB 2Monthly return on External Commercial Borrowings
CSR Expenditure (OP)Transfer to a Special Bank Account (related to an Ongoing Project)
Form MSMEIn respect of outstanding with MSME Enterprise for more than 45 days
Form PAS 6 (Public Co.)Reconciliation of share capital audit report
Form 11Annual return by LLP’s
Form FC 4Annual Return by a foreign company
Form DPT 3Return for both secured and unsecured outstanding money/loan not considered deposits
Form CFSS 2020For the companies who have filed any forms or returns after the due date, during 01-04-20 to 31-12-20
Form MGT-14 (Public Co.)Within 30 days of Board Meeting for approval of Board Report and Financials
CSR ExpenditureTransfer or Spend in accordance with Sch VII
Form CRA 2Within 30 days of the board meeting (Appointment of cost auditor)
Form ADT-1Within 15 days of AGM (Appointment of Statutory Auditor)
Form CRA 4Within 30 days of the receipt of the report (Filing of Cost Audit Report)
Form DIR-12Within 30 days of any change in the directors
Form AOC-4/ AOC-4XBRL/ AOC-4CFSWithin 30 days of AGM (Filing of Financial Statements)
Form MGT-7/ MGT-7AWithin 60 days of AGM (Annual Return by Companies)
Form 8Statement of account and solvency by LLP
Form FC 3Annual accounts by foreign company

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